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Get your Deck in Shape With Shreveport Painting Company’s Superior Deck Staining Services!

Deck Staining Is Done Right By Our Shreveport Professional Painters.

Deck staining is done best by Shreveport Painting Company in Shreveport, Louisiana. 

There’s nothing like sipping hot coffee and relishing some peaceful time on your home’s deck on a beautiful Sunday morning. But if your deck is looking faded and damaged, it may ruin the whole moment.

Cracking deck boards, peeling paint, and rotting wood are just a few of the warning signs that you need deck staining. And not just a simple deck staining but a complete and professional one. Shreveport Painting Company can provide you exactly that. We are one of the most trusted exterior painting companies in the Shreveport, Louisiana area specializing in deck transformation. Whether you need to stain your newly-built deck or revive a weathered deck, our highly skilled contractors can tackle it.

We at Shreveport Painting Company believe that curb appeal isn’t just about good lawn upkeep, landscaping, or whether the house has recently been reroofed. It’s also about having a nicely maintained deck. With our high-quality stains and sealants and professional stain application, we can bring out the natural charm of your decks while giving them a new layer of protection against intense heat and water damage. Our deck staining crew will restore the beauty of your deck and get it ready for outdoor fun!

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Our Shreveport Deck Staining Process

Decks are an excellent addition to your backyard. They expand your living space and are perfect for outdoor get-togethers. But while they look lovely, they may demand some TLC every once in a while. 

Wood decks wear down faster than you may realize due to constant exposure to sun, rain, wind, and snow. Although a nice power wash may help eliminate their imperfections, nothing compares to a new coat of stain and seal, expertly applied by the pros at Shreveport Painting Company. We will protect the beauty of your deck and turn it into a cozy space where you can relax and spend summer nights with your family. Below is our deck staining process.

  • Evaluation and Consultation

    Our deck staining pros will come to your home and do an assessment. We will let you know if your deck is already in need of staining or whether it needs a new sealant or just a new wood treatment. In this step, we will also help you choose the stain or sealer that best fits your surface.

  • Preparation

    Once you’re ready to revive your deck, it’s prep time. We will scrape your surface, power wash it, and sand it for a smooth finish.

  • Stain Application

    This is the step where our crew will apply the stain or paint to your deck. We only use premium products that are tough enough to repel water, resist mildew, and prevent early fading. Our contractors also perform proper stain applications to ensure your deck stays protected for many years.

  • Clean Up

    We will clean up our work area and look over the finished job with you to make sure you are satisfied with our work. If you notice any spot that needs touch-ups, we will be happy to cover them before leaving your premises.

Deck Staining Done Right By Our Shreveport Team

Staining your deck won’t only improve the aesthetic appeal of your residential property and make a positive impression on your neighbors, it will also extend your surface’s lifespan. Deck staining is a demanding and physically exhausting job that requires expert hands, so be sure to leave it to the best deck staining team in Shreveport, LA: Shreveport Painting Company.

Let’s Make Your Deck the Focal Point of Your Outdoor Space in Shreveport, LA. Request a Quote Today!

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