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There are many reasons why it’s good to paint your home’s exterior. One, it will give your house an instant brand-new look. Two, it will protect your exterior surfaces from rotting, weather damage, and other natural elements. Three, it will enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. 

Suppose you’re also considering a home exterior painting project for any of these reasons. In that case, it’s best to get help from a professional exterior house painting team like Shreveport Painting Company. Exterior painting is different from other painting jobs. It’s a more complicated and demanding project that requires expert experience, proper licensing, and specialized tools and equipment like power sprayers, power brushes, high-quality extension ladders, and scaffolding. 

With Shreveport Painting Company, you can be assured that you’ll get a quality exterior paint job that can stand the test of time. We have the best exterior painters who are licensed, insured, and experienced to give your home’s exterior a complete makeover while keeping it safe from future weather damage. We have all the necessary equipment to complete your project efficiently. 

More than that, our crew also has certifications and proper training, which means they can deal with any problem that may arise during the actual painting process. We are aware of the safety hazards that come along with painting an entire house. There’s no need to risk your safety when you can hire our professional team. 

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Our Shreveport Exterior House Painting Services

We at Shreveport Painting Company know that a fresh coat of paint or stain can change your home for the better. Hence, we promise to give you a flawless, well-done exterior paint job that will last for years to come. Our exterior house painting company specializes in:

Fences don’t only add a stylish touch to your home’s exterior; they also help increase the value of your property. However, if your fence is starting to look dingy and outdated, it’s time to call the best exterior painters in the Shreveport, LA area. Our team performs complete fence painting and staining services to bring back the beauty of your old fence and extend its life. Whatever material your fence is made of, we can get the job done efficiently and to your satisfaction.

Best Exterior Painters - Fence Painting in Shreveport, LA
Best Exterior Painters - Deck Staining in Shreveport, LA

Do you need to stain a newly-built deck or restore your weathered deck? We have the best exterior painters for the job! Although decks look lovely, they are prone to warping, rotting, and splintering. Shreveport Painting Company can protect your beautiful deck from such damages with our high-quality stains and sealants and professional stain application. Trust our skillful craftsmen to bring out the natural charm of your decks.

Our Shreveport, LA-based painting company is sure to keep the outside of your home sharp and fresh. Apart from fence painting and deck staining, we also provide other exterior house painting services like patio painting, garage painting, exterior doors painting, and complete exterior home painting.

Make Your Shreveport Home Stand Out!

As they say, first impressions last. The outside of your home will always be the first thing that people notice, so let us ensure it’s a head-turner. Shreveport Painting Company will provide you with an exterior home painting service that is second to none. By having the best exterior painters and the most durable paint products, we can spruce up your exterior surfaces and make your home the one that stands out in the neighborhood. 

Ready to refresh your house but not sure where to start? We are here to walk you through the process. We will begin by examining your home’s exterior and then suggest the right paint that provides lasting results. Exterior paint is not the same as interior paint. Instead, it has different properties that help gives exterior surfaces an extra layer of protection. 

Once you’re good with our recommended paint, we will discuss which paint colors will work great for your exteriors. Our best exterior painters in Shreveport will ensure that we go with a shade that complements your landscaping and home’s overall style and blends with the neighborhood your house is in. Off-white, taupe, gray, and brown are the common options for exterior paint color. But don’t be afraid to experiment with unique accents. We can add pops of vivid colors to your window trims, front door, porch columns, and other outdoor components. At Shreveport Painting Company, we will leave you with flawless exterior finishes that your neighbors will be jealous of.

Best Exterior Painters in Shreveport, LA

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